About the Company


  • Marathon Sport is a sports lifestyle company established in 2017 based in Philadelphia,Pa. We are committed to developing elite services and products to partake in the global market share of the sports industry. We understand that for athletes to reach their full potential they need to be both physically & mentally balanced at all times. Marathon Sport is the liaison between athletes and their life goals.   is committed is to become a global leader in the sports lifestyle industry, while developing the world's premier athletes both inside and outside of the game, always keeping our clients needs first. At Marathon Sport, our company and staff is dedicated to being immersed in the sports world and continuously strives to find new ways to develop, grow, and discover innovative athletic solutions. to keeping the highest level of service keeping clients satisfaction a main priority. Marathon Sport operates with integrity and ethical business practices at all times. We are dedicated to the process of being great, success doesn't come overnight so we remain married to the process. Nothing worth having comes easy we are willing to put in the work to achieve our desired results. Marathon Sport is committed to taking athletes to the next level. To do so, we continuously seek out and develop innovative solutions for our clients and the athletic community. We understand the importance of giving back and willingly accept the responsibility that we at Marathon Sport have to the communities which we serve. 

About the Founders


Khalif Wyatt, CEO

Khalif was raised in Norristown, PA, a small town not far outside of Philadelphia. Going into his senior season he decided to attend Temple University.  After only playing in 5 games as a freshman he went on to be the Atlantic 10 6th man of the year in his sophomore campaign. Followed that up with being the teams 2nd leading scorer and was voted 2nd team All Atlantic 10 (Should’ve been 1st). In his senior season Khalif brought all of the cities hardware home, racking in 1st Team All Atlantic 10, 1st team All Big 5,  as well as Atlantic 10 and Big 5 POY. Despite not being picked up in the draft, Khalif found himself being invited to go to veterans camp with the Philadelphia 76ers in the 2014 season. 


Christopher M. Darden, CMO

Christopher Darden is an entrepreneur and young mogul looking to educate others about the road to entrepreneurship by sharing what he has learned along his own personal journey. Christopher is the epitome of how one’s hard work and tenacity can lead to the achievement of one’s aspirations.  Currently he is operating as the CEO of several companies, specificallyChristopher Darden Real Estate Investing, LLC, Black Diamond Construction Services,LLC, Marathon Sport,LLC and Billion Dollar Brand Firm,LLC.

Early on, Christopher was able to recognize the similarities between what he was being asked to do while working a 9-5 with brands such as Ralph Lauren, Gucci and the Jay Morrison brand, and what he was working towards in his professional career.  

From there, Mr. Darden realized that, with his knowledge base, he has the ability to successfully run his own multi-mullion dollar business and positively affect those around him with vision, leadership and opportunity. 

In addition to Mr. Darden is now lending his knowledge and skillset to an even wider audience he will be penning his first book, How to Manifest a Billion Dollar Brand, due to be released in early 2018.